Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Succulent Pots

Put together a couple of succulent pots composed of plants bought on visits to East Austin Succulents, Austin Cactus & Succulent Shows & Oracle Gorge Nursery sales.  Some of the plants have been patiently waiting for me to find the right pot or the right combination of specimens.

The first consists of Aloe 'Franco' (back), Aloe pictifolia (left) and Crassula perforata 'Variegata' (right).

The larger second pot contains five different Aloes: unidentified Aloe species (back left), Aloe kedongensis (back right), Aloe haworthioides (left), possibly Aloe 'Vito' (center) & Aloe 'White Cloud' (right).

This pot really shows the amazing variety of coloration that can be found in the Aloes.

Still need to get some gravel for top-dressing, but really like they way the pots turned out.


  1. Hey, those are nice! There are a lot of color variation with the aloes, seeing them all together really shows it off. Good job.

  2. These are great looking pots. Your collection is really growing!

  3. Crassula perforata 'Variegata' and Aloe White Cloud are very unique. Good finds and masterfully displayed!

  4. I really love that 2nd pot, Ronny. Nice arrangement.