Saturday, May 12, 2012

Name That Plant

Picked up a couple of plants today from East Austin Succulents - but sadly they lacked identification (a common occurrence at this nursery...grumble).  I usually pass when plants lack names, but I really liked these two specimens.  The staff said both of them were hybrids but could not positively identify them.

The first looks a lot like an Aloe 'Franco', but I bought one of those on the same trip and it has smoother leaves (though I've seen online pictures of Francos with lots of ridges).

Love the coloration. The leaves are thicker and stiffer than is typical for most Aloes (including the Franco I bought) - more like those of a Gasteraloe (a possible hybridization?).

The second is another Aloe species which shows some faint variegation with lengthwise striations and vertical growth. 

If anybody can identify (or give clues), please let me know.


  1. For the first one look at Aloe hybrid 'Christmas Carol'

    1. Possibly...but thinking mine has more and longer lengthwise ridges (though, after seeing it, I now have to add Aloe 'Christmas Carol" to my Gotta Get list). Thinking it may be an Aloe 'Vito'. Definitely one of the Kelly Griffin hybrids (just doing this research has led me to add several of the KG varieties to my want list - some really nice specimens in this group).