Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Succulent Hanging Basket

My mother-in-law gifted me with a large wire-frame hanging basket which I filled with some succulents.  My past non-succulent hanging baskets have suffered, so I'm trying these drought-loving specimens.

The central plant is Aloe brevifolia.  I had this Aloe species before, but a plugged drainage hole led me to drowning it.  I'm looking forward to trying it again.

Surrounding it is Sedum spurium 'Tricolor'.  I really like its variegated foliage combined with pink highlights.  It should cascade over the edges as it grows.

Planted in the Ground:
  • Soft-leafed yucca (Yucca recurvifolia): Added to the rear of the top level of the Three Tiers Garden behind the Cast Iron Plants (Aspidistra elatior).
  • Soap Aloe (Aloe maculata): Finally transplanted from the backyard garden to the middle level of the Three Tiers Garden; smaller sprouts added at the base of a Red Oak in the front garden.
  • Sempervivum species: Added to the bottom level of the Three Tiers Garden, one between each of the Agave 'Blue Glow'.


  1. It's gorgeous. I put an agave in a hanging basket to hold it over the winter. It did seem happy there but is now in the ground.

  2. This is really pretty. I love the basket itself. But, the succulents make it even prettier.

  3. That's such a good idea...especially (at least for me) since it's so hard to remember to constantly be watering those things. There' much less chance of those crisping because of one missed watering :-)

  4. Hanging baskets in a Texas summer require ultra forgiving plants. I bet you'll be very successful with this set up. Nice job pairing the plant colors and contrast the shapes.

  5. Very nice! Yes, that's the perfect plant for hanging baskets. Mine also just dry out way too often to maintain here in Texas. I like this idea.