Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toad Lily Show Has Begun

As predicted on my GBBD October 2010 posting, the Toad Lily (Tricyrtis lasiocarpa) show has begun.

There are still numerous buds that have yet to open, but clusters of flowers already adorn the branches.

Each individual orchid-like blossom is impressive by itself.

But the groups of blossoms is quite nice.

Planted in the Ground:


  1. Beautiful toad lily photos!

    Where did you find the Sparkler Sedge? I'm totally jealous! I have the perfect spot for it but they never have it at BSN!

  2. Gorgeous. They are almost orchid like.

  3. Such exotic looking little bloomers. What conditions do they do best in?

  4. Beautiful! They sure are quite a show.
    Love the pattern, they must look great in a big cluster or flowers.

  5. Whimsical: Stumbled across the Sparkler at Hill Country Water Gardens in Cedar Park this past weekend - and they were even on sale (Woohoo!). The only ones left that I saw were in actual decorative pots (instead of black nursery pots) - but they tend to have the plants scattered about, so who knows.

    Paul: Aren't they cool! They really do remind me of orchid blossoms.

    Lancashire: Mine tend to like the brighter areas of dappled shade, and I think they do better with some additional water. I have a couple in the yard (competing with tree roots) that are much smaller than the one I have potted. All tend to be floppy. Might be sturdier with more sun, but would likely want lots of water then.

    fer: Need to have the plant close by to really appreciate the blossoms; originally had deeper in the yard and couldn't see the intricate nature of the blooms.

  6. I agree! These are as fine as some orchids. What a keeper! Very cool! Do you think they would grow in Houston?
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  7. David: Given enough water, I'm sure they would grow down there; in fact, I saw that Cindy of From My Corner of Katy had a large, quite happy, specimen. And that's right next door to ya!