Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Sky Is Falling

No...wait.  I'm sorry.
It's just the acorns.

They ricochet off the roof.
They plink off parked cars.

They bounce off the deck.
They plop into the pond. 

And they land...

(All acorns were photographed as they were found.)

Planted in the Ground:


  1. I couldn't figure out why my elephant ears had so many holes in them all the sudden; then I realized it's the acorns falling and piercing the leaves...grumble...not to mention all the baby oak trees I'll be pulling next season...

  2. Between the squirrel-planted acorns and the root sprouts, I do tend to spend a lot of time snipping/pulling little oaklings.

  3. Oh yes and next minute oak trees are sprouting all over the place but never where you want them. Our acorns are very thin and pointed, Are yours from post oaks?

  4. I've got them too, absolutely everywhere. Can't go outside without shoes -- too painful!

  5. We have more pecans than acorns, RBell...and they're plenty loud when they are shaken loose, land on the roof and roll. But the multitude of squirrels are on top of things here, so my photos would show mostly pieces of pecan hulls and "empties" scattered everywhere.
    Nature is so darned messy!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. They are covering the ground in some places out this way. Not good for the deer hunting.

  7. Lancashire: No post oaks; think most of the pictured acorns came from red oaks. Also have some of the longer ones which I'm guessing are from live oaks.

    Pam: Acorns definitely capture your attention when stepped upon barefooted!

    Annie: Pecans certainly "thonk" louder when the hit the roof; guess we're lucky we don't have bur oaks.

    Bob: Wouldn't think so - hard to interest the deer in a specific feeder locale when there's a buffet like this on the ground.

  8. Great post. Right now I can hear the water oak acorns as they hit the neighbor's tin roof. I think it must happen over a hundred times a day. The squirrels must be giddy.
    I wish I could grow Oakleaf hydrangea. It's such a cool plant in bloom and out. Is it drought tolerant?
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  9. D, M & f: Don't think the Hydrangea is particularly drought tolerant - but once established, I think it will do fine with enough shade.