Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Succulent Bed

Well, alright - maybe not all succulents.  Decided to create a "dry" bed for some of my new plants that don't require as much water.  First I removed the struggling Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea) and the all-but-gone Yarrow (both of which wanted more sun and maybe more water).

The only plant to remain from the original bed was Ghost Plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense)

First I started removing the soil.  And as always, when removing soil in northwest Austin, one also gets to remove limestone.

Finally dug down and took out about a foot of dirt.

I then lined the bottom with 1-2 inches of large stone to aid drainage (first you dig out the rocks, then you put back the rocks...sigh)

The new bed was then filled with a mixture of cactus soil and decomposed granite.

Then came the new plants (one transplant and three recently purchased plants):

I transplanted my Aloe 'Hedgehog' (Aloe humilis 'Hedgehog') from the front yard since you couldn't really see it in its original location (where, with cover, it actually survived this past winter's 18 degree lows, though with damage).

Manfreda species (species name wasn't included; anyone able to identify?  Perhaps M. maculosa?)

Red-leafed Dyckia (Dyckia 'Red Devil'); have a smaller version potted.

Pineapple Dyckia (Dyckia brevifolia) - though I think I prefer its other common name: Sawblade.

Over time, will likely add some more "dry" plants to help fill in the bed some more.

But still pretty pleased with the results


  1. Nice job. I'm a recent convert to succulents, and have probably placed a few in bad positions. I'll keep an eye on them and see how they fare.

    One thing I have in abundance is good drainage. It's almost impossible to keep things that like water wet.

  2. Nice! And me thinks perhaps you aren't a lazy gardener after all, with all of that digging!

  3. It looks great. With good drainage it is wonderful how many xeric succulents will take some shade.

  4. Paul: Hope your succulents do well - I think if I had lots of sun I'd really go wild on them, but my shade makes it a little tricky.

    Danger: Well, the digging was spread out over many days (with several days of contemplation between digging sessions) - I do, after all, have a reputation to maintain.

    Pam: I'm hoping the drainage prep was enough - really put some thought into that (even considered a french drain arrangement, but decided it just wasn't feasible).

  5. Candy: Thanks - recently added another Ghost Plant; will have to keep my eyes open for some more plants to add.