Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pea-sized hail...

...meet broad-leafed shade plants.

Think that a few of the plants now know how a west Texas stop sign feels right after meeting a bored teenager with a rifle...


  1. Brings back memories of the hailstorm last year that broke so many holes through my brand new lily pads in my brand new pond. I was so sad. But the plants recovered, even if they looked terrible for awhile. Now a caterpillar is munching on my lily pads, so they are looking terrible again!

  2. Meredith: Was very happy that this hail was smaller than last year's (that led to a new roof - grumble). And a caterpillar munching on lily pads?! I keep picturing caterpillars wearing little snorkels...

  3. Danger: And the strange part is how it will seem to poke holes in one plant and leave one twelve inches away untouched.