Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Hole In The Canopy Means...

Late last fall, one of my trees collapsed, removing both itself and another from my shady canopy.  Suddenly, a limited area of my yard was receiving...sunlight!  Not my usual stuff the peeks in and out of the upper story foliage, but the real thing.  Up to six hours of it.  The mind raced with possibilities.

Fall /Winter/Early Spring - "I'm going to plant some flowering shrubs, maybe even (gasp) a rose bush!  And possibly some of those flowers that are rumored to grow in these parts.  And a couple of pots with Dill - perhaps I can attract those swallowtail butterflies everyone seems to have in their yards.

Today - "Oh yeah.  That's right.  The existing plants sorta liked the shade.  And now they are getting...ummm, well, rather...cooked..."

"...and sunburned..and fried.  Well, ummm...guess I kinda forgot about y'all..."

"And now its getting a little too hot to be digging up plants your size and moving you elsewhere.  Sure woulda been nice to get that done...ummm, earlier.  Here's a fair bit of water and, ummm, I guess, maybe, I can start building you a little shade structure to get you through till next fall...hopefully...possibly..."

A hole in the canopy means a chance to grow some sun-loving plants, but it also means you'd better start moving out the shade-loving ones.


  1. Yeah I say the same thing about my shaded area--it's only shaded because of the large Arizona Ash tree in our yard...and when that goes, my shade area is going to suddenly become a sun area. So, while I complain about the shaded area, I also always caveat it with (Please don't die, tree!)

  2. I'm sorry fro your fatsia but you know what they say, when one door closes another one opens. Just think-sun lovers! It's a whole new word.

  3. A very large & dead Arizona Ash came down here in 2007, RBell - now for the first time we have happy Blackfoot daisies and reseeding Paintbrushes.

    Enjoy the planning time...sooner or later you'll come up with the perfect plants for the new sunny spot!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose