Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tillandsia Shows Red

Back in mid-March, I attached my new Tillandsia ionantha 'Ron' (along with others) to a piece of driftwood.  They have been sitting outside in the shade, receiving a weekly sprinkler dowsing and the occasional splash from the hose.

March 11, 2011

But recently, it has begun to put on considerable red coloration.  Relying on online documentation (as Tillandsias are new to me), a change in coloration should be a precursor to blooming and subsequent pup production.

June 2, 2011

Will be quite interesting to see how this develops.


What a difference a night makes!  Prior to publishing the post this morning, I discovered that the Tillandsia 'Ron' had bloomed overnight.

If true to form, it should pup afterwards - forming a small clump on that end of the wood.  Wouldn't that be something!


  1. That is so cool!! I think I'll be looking for some of those.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. nifty little plant you have there, ron.

  3. Hey, you're doing good with those things! They are very addictive in a good way. Go online and you'll see some stunning blooms.

    I had a number of Tillandsias a couple of years ago and enjoyed them. So did the squirrels! They tore each and everyone of them to shreds....for the inner lining of their nests. Mine never bloomed like yours. Wow!
    My advice:Be careful and hang those beauties away from tree trunks with squirrels.
    David/ Tropical Texana

  4. Wow, that's a really stunning transformation. I love the plants on the bark -- fantastic!

  5. Lovely! I just bought some T. ionanthas ('Fuego') on eBay. I'm planning to glue them to a grapevine ball & hang them over the pond--hopefully the squirrels won't be able to get at them. I do hope they color up as nicely as yours has!

  6. Linda: they're kinda fun (though small); likely they want me to spray water at them more than I do.

    Katina: I'm hoping they'll form little colonies

    David: I know - online, I saw the color and blooms of all the different varieties; really made me want to try them. So far, no squirrel troubles - but I'm gonna have to watch that.

    Meredith: Its pretty cool seeing it change from nondescript green to all that color.

    Elgin: Cool - I have a single Fuego on the same piece of wood; ain't their variety of sizes/shapes amazing.

  7. 'Ron' seems to have transformed himself into a '
    Rhonda'. Beautiful either way, and I like the way you have chosen to display him/her.

  8. what a breath-taking sight we have here! The blooming of the Tillandsia is indeed very captivating. Growing it on the driftwood adds up to the overall beauty of the plant.

  9. Gosh Ronny, that Tillandsia looks so beautiful.
    I had planned on adding some to my really shady rock garden but hubby hasn't brought any nice piece of driftwood home from his fishing trips yet. Grrrrr
    But him seeing those pictures might give him a reminder and a little kick.
    Paula Jo

  10. Ricki: Guess you're right...who knew!

    Patio: Needed something to put 'em on so I could bring 'em in during our too cold winters.

    PJ: The wood seems to have worked well; I'm always on the lookout for interesting pieces.

  11. I see I'm in good company with you and Digging on the Apartment Therapy blog. Cool!

  12. What a gorgeous plant! Thanks for reminding me about tillandsias. I've gotta do it!

  13. Abbey: Yeah - that's a shocker; not sure what that's all about.

    Linda: They're pretty cool - but likely would be happier in a rainy climate (I've heard such places exist).