Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flower Power: GBBD June 2011

Every month, on the fifteenth, May Dream Gardens invites us to share our gardens flowers.  As the drought continues, shady blooms are far and few between.  Its not unusual for there to be few flowers for my garden at this time of the year, but the growing number of 100+ degree days has certainly had an even more drastic dampening effect.

Established Plants

Always a consistent heat-loving bloomer, the Rock Rose (Pavonia lasiopetala) is still putting out bright pink blooms.

An aquatic plant that rises out of the pond, the Aztec Arrowhead (Sagittaria montevidensis) isn't bothered by our ongoing drought and heat.  Flower stalks rise up, sprout, then fall away - only to be replaced by another.

Another pond plant, the Water Poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides) covers the entire pond surface, sporadically producing its three-petaled yellow flowers.

Quite surprising with our drought, but I discovered a single bloom on my scattered Zephyr Rain Lilies (Zephyranthes 'Labuffarosea').  There has certainly been no sudden change in temperature or moisture - nor even a a thickening of cloud cover.  So not sure what inspired the bloom, but enjoyed it nonetheless (though would really like to see it after a rain shower!).

Also have one very late 'San Antonio Rose' Amaryllis (Hippeastrum 'San Antonio Rose') producing its two-flowered bloom stalk.  Don't believe I've ever had one flower this far into summer.

New Plants in the Garden

This is the first summer for the two Pale Pavonia (Pavonia hastata) in my garden.  Winter knocked one back to roots from which it is slowly recovering; while the other was damaged but has been able to produce a few of its white blooms.

Potted Plants

It must be happy as the Haworthia attenuata 'variegata' is producing its first bloom stalks.   All three are long and sprawling with several white blossoms alternating down their length.

Indoor Plants

Four of the Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis sp.) are still going strong.  The blooms have now lasted into their third month.

Be sure to visit May Dream Gardens and see what is blooming in other gardens.


  1. I'm just astounded your rain lilies are blooming. What are they thinking? Even my rock rose has stopped blooming. It's too darn hot! Happy GBBD.

  2. How amazing that your Rain Lily bloomed! Maybe it's a sign of rain to come. Adored your Aztec Arrowhead water plant ... such a stunning flower! It's lovely to see your Rock Rose so happy and the Pavonia looks terrific. You have a fantastic range of Orchids too and I loved the spotty ones!

  3. Rain lilies...and, no rain! And, your orchids are beautiful. Mine has done nothing this year.
    My Rock Rose has done nothing this year, either. Maybe later....
    Happy GBBD..

  4. Caroline: Me too! I keep hoping the clouds will start sympathizing with them and send some rain.

    Bernie: I think the rain lilies have lost their minds in the heat. The Aztec Arrowhead & Pavonias has been real reliable.

    Linda: Moth orchids are solid return performers; its the only variety from which I can ever get repeat blooms. My Rock Roses are hanging in there, but they tend to be pretty droopy by day's end.

  5. Beautiful shade blooms again! The pavonia with the deep red center is especially gorgeous. My rock rose hasn't bloomed in over a week, but it's good to see yours is hanging in there.

  6. Inside orchids for the win, RBell!
    My Rock rose bloomed a month ago - looks like heck now in spite of some hand-watering. Everything in my front beds are getting the full impact of afternoon sun. What kind of exposure does your pink Pavonia get?

    San Antonio amaryllis in bloom, too! I've had it for about 5-years - bloomed once. What are you doing right?

    Hope you don't mind all the questions, but you seem to have the answers ;-)

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. Lovely post...I've never heard of Pavonia...they are beautiful!

  8. This is first time i come to know about Pavonia. Its a beautiful flower and great work by the observers.

  9. I like to see all the flowers that don't grow in PA. Sorry you have been having all that hot weather and drought. Happy GBBD.

  10. Amy: The blooms are mainly an individual one here, another way over there.

    Annie: I beginning to think I should just raise orchids (cuz then I get to stay inside in the AC!). My Rock Rose gets a couple hours of sun at the most, then scattered shade the remainder. I've seen ones that get more sun covered in blooms - mine only have a smattering of flowers at the best of times. Not sure re: amaryllis - in same exposure as the Pavonias. But the four different clumps usually always produce at least one bloom stalk.

    Scott: The Pavonias are pretty tough little plants, Rock Rose especially.

    Mumbai: Will have to see how the Pale Pavonia does through our long, dry summer - it's still pretty new to me.

    Carolyn: I think the same way when I visit your blog: "Look at all the beautiful plants she has, but I'm not sure if they'd make it in my hot, dry climate." - but they sure are tempting me!

  11. You've got some terrific blooms there. I'm going to have to take notes as my front yard is beginning to turn into a full shade yard as the red oak grows.

  12. Randy: Dry, hot shade is tricky, that's for sure - and this year seems worse than ever. Good luck with the encroaching shade.

  13. That's what I call "Flower Power" thanks for inviting me into your garden. And let me show you this:

    @RBell, Happy GBBD to you too and yes them colors are intense and even more so early in the morning and late in the evening. Thanks for your viist and come back again please to read a little story or for another GBBD. And by the way , I love your blog site name, The Lazy Shady Gardener, excellent dude as my neighbors little kids says....:)

    I didn't have a way to let you know of any followup from me but working on it and I hope this is alright. Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to you reading one my little stories or visiting again on GGBD. Take care and have a nice weekend.

  14. Paul: Thanks for the return visit; good luck with your garden blog & future GBBDs!