Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foliage Follow-up: June 2011

As a follow-up to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, Digging allows us the chance to show off the leafy aspects of our gardens.  With our ongoing drought, plants start the morning looking somewhat perky, and end the day looking pretty wilted.

One potted plant in my garden that demands a bit more water is this pass-along Coleus from Robin at Getting Grounded.  I was able to over-winter the plant and it is now back to its former glory.  I love the combination of green and maroon splashed about throughout its foliage.

The colors blend together and no two leafs show the same pattern.  Though green and maroon are the primary colors, their combination leads to additional flavors of pink and beige.

As the sun sets, it peeks through the upper canopy and highlights the Coleus from behind, lighting up the maroon undersides of the upturned leaves.

I'm unsure as to the variety name of the plant, but it has certainly been a star performer in my garden.

Be sure to visit the Digging blog to see the foliar shows found in other gardens.


  1. I love the color combos on that coleus. I just started back growing after not having them for several years.

  2. Really great color pattern on the coleus; almost looks hand-painted! And it seems very happy in its spot.

  3. I just bought some new coleus this morning! Don't you love them!

  4. I love coleus. Just takes a lot of water. I've kept myself to just one this year.
    Yours looks great in that pot.

  5. Nicole: Me too - like someone splattered paint all over the leaves.

    Amy: It has done well in its pot; may have to trim it as the summer progresses.

    Wicked: I'm trying a few others mixed into pots, but this lone one always seems to do the best.

    Linda: Yeah, they seem to be too thirsty for me to plant in the ground (where they have to compete with the tree roots). Mine only survive in pots (where they don't have to share!).

  6. That coleus is really lovely. I'll admire it on your blog because I'm too lazy with the hose to have it in my garden. ;-)

  7. Pam: Yeah - I tried in the yard quite a while back; that was a lesson in frustration - they do want their H2O.

  8. Your coleus is a lovely variety...I admire the splash of color it adds to your dappled light.

    You asked about my hydrangea. It's blooms are just beginning to fade and turn brown. It's in pretty much full shade with a short burst of light in the late day/early evening. I just put it in the ground this spring so I'm glad to see that it is handling the drought ok....can't say the same for some other plants in the garden!

    The palm grass came back from last winter's freeze and is really nice...I like it. Only one volunteer so far and it was very easy to spot and pull.

  9. Cat: Really interesting that your Hydrangea blooms lasted longer than mine - and it sounds like yours is handling the heat better (mine has had a few droopy days when additional water was required - and mine has been in the ground since last fall). Wonder if it could be a difference in variety (mine is 'Alice'). And jealous of the Palm Grass - mine was potted and didn't survive.