Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Dill Please...

Caterpillars have appetites!  My Dill is down to sticks.

But the caterpillars keep coming - quickly consuming the few leaves that dare to venture out.

And, since the Dill has been vanquished, they've crawled the forty feet over to the celery in my tiny herb garden.  "It ain't Dill, but it'll do."

I'd better get some Dill going before they get even bolder...


  1. Tell me about it--last year I had the same problem with the gulf fritillary caterpillars and the passionvine. I had to resort to going and scraping off eggs on the leaves to prevent new caterpillars.

  2. Don't mind the Dill; after all, I planted it specifically for the swallowtails. But hadn't really planned on sharing the Parsley!