Thursday, June 3, 2010

After The Rain

Got a refreshing rain last night and through most of today (thankfully no hail at my garden).

Discovered this moth taking it easy on a sprinkler head perch.  Was suspiciously close to my potted tomato plant...

I have always enjoyed the bright pink blossoms of the Rock Rose (Pavonia lasiopetala); makes a nice splash of color in the sunnier parts of the shade.

Many of the Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus africanus) are sending up bloom stalks - should make for a nice show.  I have heard that difficult winters may cause them to bloom; and with most of them freezing back to the ground, this winter would certainly have been "difficult".


  1. I'm glad you have flowers on your agapanthus. I can tell you that cold winters, such as the last, almost finished mine off. They are back to just a few leaves and will take at least another year before they bloom again. They have bloomed every year for 8 years, until this year. Nope, they don't like cold winters.

  2. I typically only get 1-3 blooms from a ten foot long section of Agapanthus (shade is once again the likely culprit); but this year I'm getting at least six. Maybe it was all the winter rain...