Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hangin' Around

The cicada is long gone, but its shell still clings to the underside of a Caladium leaf.

A Black and Yellow Garden Spider sits in its web and awaits a meal.

A large damselfly takes a break from feasting on the yard's mosquitoes.

Seems like everybody's just hangin' around in the shade.


  1. It's bad when it's too hot for even the bugs. You must have really put the stalk on the Damsel Fly for that close up as mine are all pretty spooky.

  2. Yeah. They were all pretty cooperative...especially the cicada shell. Though I guess that's understandable...

  3. haha - the cicada shell was very cooperative.

    I just was reading a blog entry by one of my friends back home and he was reminiscing about how his great aunt used to collect the empty cicada shells and hang them on the curtains in the front room until they were covered in shells.

  4. Katina: That sounds rather...creepy. Guess one could cover the door with them for Halloween.