Friday, September 16, 2011

Foliage Follow-up: September 2011

As of today, we have experienced 85 days with a high temperature at or above 100 degrees.  The average yearly number of 100 degree days in Austin, Texas is 13.5 - I'm thinking this year will be pushing that average up quite a bit.  The previous yearly record for the most 100 degree days was 69 set in 1925 - that record has been absolutely shattered.  And to make matters worse, rainfall has been almost non-existent in my garden for most of the year.

Needless to say, participating in Digging's Foliage Follow-up is a bit of struggle.


Be sure to visit Digging to see what foliage can be found in other's gardens.  Hope theirs is faring better than mine!


  1. I am so sorry. I've tried so very hard to send rain your way. A co-worker's daughter just moved to Austin, and we have more than enough rain in upstate NY. But I was not successful. I hope next year will be better for you.

  2. Your foliage is telling the tale of a summer too hot and dry to be believed. My cast-irons are all burnt-bleached too -- so sad. I know your dyckias must be happy though. Where are they?

  3. I hope there is enough life left in your plants so that they will recover from this terrible summer. It was really a shock to see your garden looking so crisp. Even your shade wasn't enough to help them out.

  4. Bookworm: Seems like the NE has certainly been getting more water than they can handle! Lately, US weather seems to only occur in the extremes.

    Pam: The Dyckias got battered by our crazy cold winter. Of the five in-ground varieties I had, 2 are gone, Bronze Dykia is barely alive, Moonglow is recovering and only Cherry Coke is doing great.

    Lancashire: As many of the trees have been stressed and reducing the leaves in their canopy, a bit more sun than usual has been reaching the ground. And in this weather, that ain't a good thing.

  5. This is what I call Truth in Gardening.
    There is plenty crispy brown going on here, too.
    I know what you mean about more sun than usual reaching the ground. Some shade garden, right?
    Hope we get back to normal and this isn't it.
    Stay safe...

  6. Linda: Yep, may have to change my blog from Lazy Shady to Lazy Falling Leaves...

  7. Dang this has been the summer of doom. My garden isn't looking any better. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and think of creative ways I can augment the garden with more drought tolerant solutions (art, plants, hardscapes) - whatever it takes. My spider lily bloomed last week too but it was much more short lived than usual. Hope you got some rain last night - there was only a few minutes here, not enough to even break through the soil.

    Gosh, sorry to sound like such a debbie downer...this too shall pass.