Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flower Power: GBBD September 2011

As I ventured out to participate in May Dream Gardens' Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I could think of only two plants blooming in our everlasting heat & drought.  But I was surprised to discover a few additional spots of color.  Of course, we're not talking a lot here - excluding the Soap Aloe, I could gather all the remain garden's blooms and pile them into one hand.

Established Plants

Showing more blooms than any other non-potted garden plant, my few Liriope (Liriope spicata) add a nice splash of purple.

Having never bloomed before, one of my three Dwarf Mexican Firebush (Hamelia patens 'Compacta') seems to be celebrating the heat by producing some clusters of yellow/red flowers.

Apparently, due to lack of rain, the Pink Rain Lily (Zephyranthes rosea) has lost it's mind.  A single pink bloom was found rising up from its grass-like foliage.

Potted Plants

I have several Soap Aloes (Aloe maculata) planted in the ground, but the only specimen to produce flowers this year was the one I had in a pot.  Its flower stalk developed in a curled, clumped manner (likely due to lack of water) which actually caused the flowers to be clustered more tightly.

The Ground Orchid (Spathoglottis plicata) continues to have a single tall, thin flower stalk rising up, its tip still producing a cluster of magenta blooms.

Aloe 'Doran Black' has again produced a flower stalk that is just now starting to spread and open its flowers.  It has been quite reliable this year.

Flower Wannabes

The bright purple berry clusters of the American Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) continue to survive amongst the plant's limp foliage.

Be sure to visit May Dream Gardens to see what others have blooming in their gardens.


  1. The Firebrush LOVES the heat. Your plants have some nice color! Chris Las Aventuras

  2. That is some nice flowering - my favorites have to be the Hamelia patens and the Zephyranthes! The latter is so tough here, winter or summer.

  3. All your flowers are looking lovely especially the soap aloe. I have never had but one flower stalk on mine. I have rain lilies to but not a drop of rain. I think it must have been a combination of some cooler mornings and watering. I have the yellow one but something has grown over the top of it and I think it may have given up the ghost. Happy bloom day.

  4. Beautiful post...I'm so smitten by the Beautyberry...such a great color for fall!

  5. A lot of pinks and purples - my favorite colors. Glad you are getting some flowers despite your drought. Happy GBBD.

  6. I have never seen an aloe flower. Thanks much for sharing!

  7. Thank you for the reminder of what the soap aloe flower looks like. Mine was blooming when I bought it but never since. Yours is a beauty...

  8. I enjoyed seeing your blooms. I am seriously considering adding a firebush to my garden (when it rains!). Love the deranged pink rain lily. I had a couple of oxblood lilies come up right under a soaker hose - what a nice surprise they were!

  9. Liriope is one of my favorite plants. Mine aren't showing any sign of blooming, though. They haven't gotten much water, since they're along the dry creek/drainage thing in the fenced yard...part of the lawn area. We can't water grass.
    Had a yellow rain lily pop up out front, under a soaker hose. That was a surprise.
    Stay safe...

  10. Anonymous: That's a good thing - cuz that's all its been getting here in central Texas!

    Desert: I've really enjoyed my rain lilies, but it still shocks me when they bloom since we haven't had rain here in forever.

    Lancashire: I lack the yellow variety of rain lilies, gonna have to keep an eye out for that!

    Scott: Beautyberry has certainly produced this year - surprising to me that it was able to hang on to the berries with so little water.

    Bookworm: Thanks for stopping by.

    Curtis: When the Soap Aloe blooms, its quite a show. Blooms for most of the other Aloes I have tend to all look the same.

    Danger: My in-ground Soap Aloes have struggled this year after getting hammered this past winter; but the potted one did come through for me.

    Cynthia: Wish my Oxbloods would bloom - they never have. The photos I see of them in other garden blogs are quite impressive.

    Linda: Seeing as Liriope is presently one of my more prolific bloomers, perhaps I need more in my garden!

  11. Nice series. Definitely more than just "spots" of color. The firebush seems to really love the heat. You're the second blog I've come across on my blog crawl to feature it this month.

  12. Bom: I saw a fair number of postings with Firebush also - mine only has a few blooms but suspect those with more sunshine must really be something.