Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foliage Follow-up: November 2010

On the sixteenth of each month, Digging invites us to celebrate the foliar aspects of our garden by participating in Foliage Follow-up.  A shady understory garden is predominately a leafy one, but as the days get shorter, my garden actually starts getting brighter as the deciduous trees begin dropping their leaves.

So for Foliage Follow-up, I decided to highlight the leaves that, for most of the year, have been providing my shade.  But are now drifting down, gently landing here and there amongst the plants.

Be sure to visit Digging to see & share all the leafy wonders found in the garden.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. What lovely Autumn colour you have in your garden.

  2. Wonderful photos! So are you a "leave them where they fall" sort of gardener or are you out there cleanup the leaves?

  3. Hey you've actually got something other than Live Oak leaves! Beautiful color floating down from your trees!

  4. I'm with Cat -- surprised to see something other than live oak leaves, which drop in the spring anyway. Your falling leaves are pretty!

  5. Melanie: Now if I could only figure out how to get the color amongst the plants instead down on the ground...

    danger: In the beds, I'm definitely a "leave them where they fall" (except where they bury the Ajuga), but I'm gathering up anything from the deck, lawn or paths - and redistributing them to my composting attempt.

    Whimsical: Yep, I got some yellow leaves! One of the more interesting and dominant trees in my garden is a large Black Cherry Tree. Its amongst the tallest of my trees so you only see the yellow fall colors when you look straight up at the canopy or down at the fallen leaves on the ground.

    Pam: Thanks - I'm working on getting some understory trees that have color, but for now, most of my trees are so tall its best to look at what drops to see the color (otherwise you get a crick in your neck).

  6. Beautiful photos! There's nothing like the leaves of autumn to add some real color to the garden. Most of our trees have lost their leaves already, but there are still a few brightening the landscape.

  7. Parallel Universe, but with different types of leaves. Happy raking!
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  8. Rose: Thanks - our leaves are slowly starting to fall, but with an expected freeze over the holidays, they should start dropping pretty fast.

    David: At least I'll be raking with a purpose this time - now that I have a little compost pile.