Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Cactus Blossoms

About a week ago, due to the possibility of a freeze, I brought my Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) into the house.  It is not uncommon for the plant, because of the change in temperature, humidity and lighting, to promptly drop its flower buds.  But not this time.

The buds recently began unfurling, and with the sunshine highlighting them from behind, started putting on quite a show.

The pot actually has both a red and pink variety planted together, so it produces a nice mixture of both colors.

It is also known as the Holiday Cactus.  And since, in my household, it's blossoms typically never make it to Christmas, perhaps that's an even more apt name for it.

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving holidays are just as bright and colorful.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Very sunny colours.

  2. Denise: Thanks - the sun shining through the window really brought out the colors.

  3. I love this plant but have only two babies which are growing from leaf cuttings. I did notice that one has several tiny flower buds just showing. One plant is from Annie and the other from my mother's plant in England. I managed to keep it going for 3 years, after she died, with just visits every 6 months. It was always in incredible flower when I was back there in winter. Last November I decided to give it away and just brought one bare stem back. I can't wait for it to be a pretty as yours. Happy Holidays.

  4. Lancashire: I think plants with a history are the best kind of plants to have.

  5. Some really nice photographs. I tend to stick to edibles as I have a black thumb with ornamentals, but this is really nice.

  6. Stephanie: Thanks; the closest I come to edibles is some herbs; veggies just don't seem to like the shade.