Friday, June 14, 2013

More Planting

I wasn't planning on doing much planting as we are certainly into our hot summer months, but a 75% off sale convinced me otherwise.  Only got seven of the seventeen purchases into the ground today, so more is still on the schedule.

I added three Milky Way Cast Iron Plants (Aspidistra lurida 'Milky Way') around the base of a Mahonia (Mahonia aquifolium) to add some greenery amongst the rocks.

Another bare spot fit this Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia (Euphorbia martini 'Ascot Rainbow') perfectly.  Have not tried this species before, so I'm hoping this locale gets enough light for it to do well.

The three Echeveria setosa were added to my Three Tiers bed, bracketing the center Calamar Squid Agave (Agave bracteosa 'Calamar').  Several of the remaining purchases are planned for this bed also.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't have any luck with the 'Ascot Rainbow' -- it melted away one summer, even in bright shade. Keep us updated on yours. If I hear of a success with it, I'd love to try it again.