Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Couple More Succulent Pots

Due to an online coupon for East Austin Succulents (thanks for the head's up, Robin), I was able to combine my recent purchases from Oracle Gorge and create two new succulent pots.

The smaller (but taller) container consist of Aloe plicatilis (back), Snowflake Aloe (Aloe rauhii) (front left) & 'White Beauty' Aloe (front right).

While planting, I was a bit grumpy to discover that the Snowflake Aloe was simply an unrooted cutting placed in a small pot.  Went ahead and replanted into pot and will have to hope it develops some roots.

The second larger pot holds eight different species - though in typical East Austin Succulent fashion, most were not identified (grumble).  The large plant in the center is Aloe vanbalenii surrounded by  a pale green Sedum.

On the right side (front to back), the pot contains an unidentified succulent, Aloe 'Black Beauty' & Senecio 'Himalaya'.

The left side, from front to back, consists of Sedum rubrotinctum (I believe), another unidentified succulent & a species of Aeonium.


  1. Pet peeve: the common practice of labeling all succulents merely as "succulent mix". Home Depot, of all places, has come around, with full disclosure labeling. Can the rest of the succulent pushers be far behind? I hope not.

  2. These are excellent combinations and works of art! Each one has a unique personality. I might have to try this.

  3. Some new beauties for your garden. I like your color selection. It adds more interest to the group to have different shades. It is rather annoying that they don't label plants. Surely growers know what the plants are! Of course I always lose the labels anyway so I shouldn't be worrying too much. That was a little naughty to stick an unrooted cutting in a pot although I am sure it will root for you. It is rather like them taking a plant in a gallon pot and sticking it in a 3 gallon pot and then selling it as such before it has grown roots. That has happened several times.

  4. Surely Eric at East Austin Succulents knows what he's growing and selling. I wonder why they don't label them appropriately? And I'd be annoyed too to find a cutting with no roots in a pot I'd just paid for.