Saturday, March 19, 2011

Formosa Red Azalea

A little over a year ago, I planted a Formosa Red Azalea (Azalea indica 'Formosa Red') in the largest container I owned.  This was how it appeared on February 27, 2010

And as of today, it has added quite a bit of growth and is full of intensely pink blooms.

It should continue to add growth over the next few years (as it can reach over 6 foot high and wide).  I certainly will be looking forward to the show in the years to come.

Planted in the Ground:
  • Basil varieties: Sweet, Spicy Globe, Thai & Boxwood - all in my utility garden area where there is a bit more sun


  1. Oh, that's gorgeous. I've never tried azaleas here because of the alkaline soil. But your photos are proof positive that azaleas can be successfully grown here in containers. Robin at Getting Grounded has an azalea in a stock tank planter. Ideas, ideas!

  2. Caroline: With my shade, I once tried miniature azaleas in the ground, but they played out pretty quick. Put placing them in large containers seems to hold promise.

  3. Such a nice pop of color in a container; especially during early spring. Beautiful!

  4. Cat: Right now its definitely the brightest spot in my garden; the only other plant even competing is the Texas Gold Columbines.

  5. I wonder how large it'll get in a container? I've seen Formosa azaleas in the ground here that are almost 10 feet tall! Container grown sounds like a great idea, and what a great pop of color.

  6. Ron, you Formosa Azalea is blooming just gorgeous!
    I have a couple white azaleas planted in the ground in my cove and the one really does not look good for over 2 years. We were even thinking about taking it out. I guess, it's planted too close to the dryer outlet and is getting too much hot air since we bought that new dryer a couple years ago. The other one is planted right across (about 6ft apart) and is just as full of a bush as it can be. Now what really surprised me this year is, the skinny looking azaleas is full, really full of beautiful blooms and the actually really healthy looking plant does have only a few blooms. For the last few years it always was the opposite.
    Paula Jo

  7. Jean: The tag said 6-8 tall, 6 wide - but I'm figuring the pot will keep it somewhat smaller (5 x5 would be awesome)

    PJ: Plants are so unpredictable - just when you think you have 'em figured out...

    A Ellis: I'm pretty happy with all that color (my shade doesn't usually produce a lot of color)