Monday, July 5, 2010

Someone Likes The Rain

Recent rains have been appreciated by the Pink Rain Lilies (Zephyranthes rosea).

I counted up to thirteen blossoms within a 2 square foot area.  There are other smaller patches scattered about the garden, but this is the largest grouping.

The bulbs are happy with the rain, even after losing much of their foliage due to rust.  The leaves are returning and will eventually form a six inch tall, grass-like mat across the area.

And there are even more blooms on the way.

And the Zephyr Lily (Zephyranthes 'Labuffarosea'), another flavor of rain lily, is also blooming.

These tend to have a much paler pink color to their flowers, shading almost to white.

The blossoms do not last very long, but its always a nice surprise to discover them in the garden after a rain.


  1. I'm glad you caught the rain lilies. I have some in my yard, but they're all in places that I don't see unless I make an effort to go look at them. All this really means is that I rarely ever see my rain lilies in action.

  2. I came home from a trip to find mine blooming too--passalongs from Annie in Austin. They are pretty and even more so because they symbolize rain.

  3. Those pink are stunning. All mine are white. I'm going to start looking for some of those.

  4. Your pink rain lilies are very pretty. I wonder if the pink ones have crossed with the white? I seem to have lost many of mine this year. Strange but only 2 whites have shown up and last year they were all over the place.