Saturday, April 3, 2010

Attack of the Fuzzies

Anyone whose yard contains either Red Oaks or Live Oaks will understand that this is the time of the "Fuzzies".  The oaks are finishing up their pollen cycle and disposing of their catkins (these pendulous formations are the male flowers of the oak tree, casting their pollen to the winds in hopes of finding a female oak flower or, at least, the nose of an allergy sufferer).  The catkins, having changed their original green coats for a that of a dull brown, are no longer necessary and thus raining down like...well, like rain.  Covering everything in a layer of stringy brown fuzzies.

Areas recently cleared of Live Oak leaves are once again an inch deep in brown.  The fuzzies will pile up in flower bed corners or cover your sidewalks.  After any garden work, your spouse will be picking them out of your hair and off of your clothes.  And you'd better catch the outside dog before it enters the house or you'll be cleaning up fuzzies from all over your carpet.  But no matter how careful you attempt to be, the fuzzies will get inside.

The succulents, with their layered leaves, are particularly vulnerable to fuzzie attacks.

And this year's Dyckias are no slouch at capturing fuzzies either.

Even water plants are not immune.

Fuzzies will bury leaf and flower alike.

Another fine mess I've gotten myself into...


  1. And after the fuzzies come the worms. I saw my first one today dangling at the end of a thread from a live oak in the back yard. Sigh.

  2. I love the term 'fuzzies' - glad I don't have them in my garden, though.

  3. I get so aggravated at them and the seeds or whirly gigs, I call them, from the Sugar Maples here in our yard. Sweep them up for weeks and every spring tiny seedlings coming up all over the beds.LOL!

  4. Oh god, I feel your pain. We've got tall Douglas Fir trees to the west of our patio once they start dropping their "blooms" I'm on clean up duty for weeks. They end up everywhere and are slightly sticky just to amp up the mess. After a particularly bad wind storm last year they were at least 4" deep in places.