Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'd Plant Plastic Flowers...

...but I'm afraid they'd melt.

This past June was recorded as the second hottest ever for Austin.  And we are easily on pace to set a record for the most 100+ degree days to occur over the calender year.

And the drought continues.  You know its bad when the weatherman gets excited over a predicted 10% rain chance - a week from now.

Can barely keep up with the demand for water from the potted plants.  Those in the ground are mostly left to fend for themselves.

 Really could use some rain.


  1. Agreed! Today is one of my watering days, and I have a hard time getting everything done while there's still light to see what I'm doing.

  2. I think this is the worst I have ever experienced as a gardener. Even the agaves are looking sick. Yes, plastic would melt. Last year I had some plastic containers in the greenhouse, with 80% shade cloth and they melted.

  3. I hope you get rain soon. We had a smatter this evening that did not even wet the driveway. Now it is like a steam bath outside. Real summer.

  4. Haha! Your first sentence made me laugh. Don't stoop to plastic plants. Better no plants than faded plastic ones. (Someone should tell my neighbor that.) Hang in there. It has to rain sometime (or so I keep telling myself and my yard).

  5. river fern looks terrible...
    Agreeing that plastic may look a bit anemic in our hot sun but I saw some lovely painted metal flowers today that sure caught my eye...

  6. I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through...

  7. Surely, surely it'll rain one of these days. I just hope it's not one of those lovely Texas Rain Storms...washing away everything in sight! We just need a nice gentle rain...for about a week.
    Hang in there....

  8. NotSoAngry: I'm concentrating on the pots; sprinklers will have to take care of the in-ground plants.

    Lancashire: You know its bad when Agaves are being cooked!

    NellJean: Yeah, a teaser shower simply cranks up the humidity without accomplishing anything.

    Abbey: I've heard stories that, in the distance past, moisture once actually fell from the sky...but mot sure I believe it anymore.

    Cat: Hmmm...metal flowers...that's a thought. I do have lots of Cast Iron Plants...

    Danger: Yeah, it's starting to get on my nerves.

    Linda: That's Texas, ain't it? Feast or famine.

  9. Sigh, Ronnie, I feel the same way. My plants, like everyone, are so stressed. City water only goes so far and then they just can't take it anymore. Even my fig is stressed! The leaves on the Rose of Sharon are droopy and pale. We've obviously been sentenced to Hades....

  10. Getgrounded: Yeppers - at least gardens with vegetables will be harvesting them pre-cooked.