Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flower Power: GBBD October 2011

On the fifteenth of every month, May Dream Gardens invites us to participate in Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.  Though my garden finally received an inch or more of rain, and temperatures have dropped from the summer's crazy highs - the garden is still almost completely devoid of blossoms.

Established Plants

Though it has only a few blooms, the intense red flowers of the Mountain Sage (Salvia regla) are still quite nice.

 The Liriope (Liriope spicata) has been blooming steadily for about a month.

Probably the steadiest performer in my garden, the bright pink blooms of the Rock Rose (Pavonia lasiopetala) are always appreciated.

West Texas Mist Flower (Conoclinium greggii) sprawls across its area, each stem terminating in a cluster of hairy, light purple blooms.

Flower Wannabes

Having dropped most of its leaves due to this summer's heat and drought, the berries of the Possumhaw (Ilex decidua) are just starting to change to their red coloration.

The Chile Petin's (Capsicum annuum var. aviculare) green berries will eventually turn bright red.
Be sure to visit May Dream Gardens and see what is blooming.


  1. I'm glad to hear you have finally gotten some rain-even though it is not enough. What a terrible summer you have. Hope next year is much better for you. Happy GBBD.

  2. I just picked up a Mountain Sage at the Wildflower Center plant sale yesterday. Nice to know it will take some shade.

  3. There you go again. Lots of great blooms. Should we thank the rain? Mountain sage is so wonderful at this time of the year.

  4. So glad your garden (and you) have some relief from that scorching summer heat. Love that Mist Flower!

  5. Bookworm: Thanks - sure was nice to see rain (was beginning to think water falling from the sky was a fairy tale).

    Caroline: Have seen Mountain Sage under Live Oaks literally covered in blooms; mine tends towards only having a few blooms - so thinking more sun is likely better.

    Lancashire: I'm thanking the rain, that's for sure. And I'm hoping to have chances to thank it some more.

    Scott: It is nice that the high temperatures have finally dropped back to double digits; them 100+ degree days were getting crazy.

  6. Hmm, mountain sage, that sounds interesting . . . I'm glad you have a few blooms . . . Happy GBBD back to you!

  7. Hey, RBell, you reminded me that Salvia regla belongs in my garden! I'll just gloss over the fact that I've tried it several times without success! Thanks for stopping by MCOK. Hope your toad lilies will bloom eventually ... I can't imagine fall without them.

  8. Looking good! I've got to get some of that Rock Rose...that's a knockout plant.
    Thanks, also, for helping ID that Barbados Cherry. Happy Fall!
    David/ :-)